2020 2nd Quarter Calendar

APRIL 2020
Due to the world wide public health crisis, we will not be offering or holding any public classes for the short term. Whether this becomes the new normal or not, we are working on a new plan.      
For those of you who have not heard, the Governor of NM has postponed the Gathering of Nations PowWow. We do not have any information on when or if this will be rescheduled.      
MAY 2020
Back to the new plan. We are working on a method where we will be offering remote teaching/remote learning to be able to present our learning topics. This will be an internet based communication tool, and will be live. We are planning on having our classes available to you so that you will not have to leave your office or home. You will be able to connect to our courses via internet/computer technology.      
JUNE 2020
Once we have worked the bugs out of the system, we will revise and update our calendar. We hope to be able to make this possible very soon. This same plan will be offered for our on-site customers, where large numbers of individuals from the same Tribe can take the same training topic simultaneously. We are excited about this plan, and hope you will be able to move forward with us.