Tuition:        $550.00 in advance, $575.00 if invoiced
Date:             June 20-21, 2018
Location:      Reno, NV

Class Status: This class is available for registration up to and including the first day of the class. But we encourage you to pre-register by 15 days before the first day of the class so we will be able to determine class status. Remember, we are forced to cancel any class that has fewer than 9 people planning to attend. Also, there is no tuition due if you pre-register. Tuition is due only if the class is confirmed. All tuition prepaid for classes that are cancelled will be returned.

Tribal organizations enter into hundreds of contracts with consultants and professional service organizations.  Professional services are normally procured using a competitive request for proposal which incorporates negotiation of contract terms and conditions.  This process must also comply with the NEW Super Circular (2 CFR 200). This methodology requires that the Tribal organization obtain competitive proposals, evaluate these proposals in light of established weighted point factor criteria, and conduct cost and price analysis of contractor’s submissions.  These procedures require establishing evaluation criteria, conducting technical evaluations, performing cost and price analysis, and conducting negotiations.  This seminar will examine in depth the procurement process to be followed for the request for proposals and the negotiations that follow.  This seminar is for program staff and purchasing personnel.

Key topics include:

Development of specification/scope of work
Preparation of evaluation criteria
Technical evaluation methodology
Cost analysis
Preparations for negotiations
Best and final offers
Award of negotiated contracts
Contractor claims and relief
Grantee claims and remedies
Rights of the parties after award


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