Seminar Information

Bill Helmich Associates allows for small classes but each class does require a minimum number of students.  Please preregister at least fifteen days before a class so that we can count you in that number and inform you of the status of that class.  Classes are normally confirmed at least fifteen days prior to the first day of the class. If a class is cancelled, this takes place 15 calendar days before the first day of a class.

Hotel information can be located at the end of the class description. When contacting the hotel, you will need to say that you are calling in reference to a Bill Helmich Associates training to qualify for block rates. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 505-281-9844.

The class status column is used to indicate whether or not that class has been confirmed, cancelled or is still ‘pending decision’ of status. Place your cursor over the symbol, and click on the symbol.  This takes you to a page informing you about that class’s status. As always, if there are questions, call us, and we can help!

 Click on the specific CLASS NAME to go to the class description, dates of class and tuition. We also place links to relevant information on the description pages.

 Click on the symbol in the CLASS STATUS column to determine if the class has been confirmed or cancelled.