On-Site Training Information

What is on-site training?
On-site training is an in-house presentation by outside experts of a course that you choose on a date and place of your choice.

What are the advantages of on-site training?
The topic can be designed to meet the needs and priorities of your organization. It provides an ideal environment to address issues, concerns and difficulties. You also apply learned skills immediately with instructor feedback on job related tasks.  The on-site format allows you to choose the date and location of your course with no travel and per-diem expenses.

Why should you consider Bill Helmich Associates?
Our instructors have been providing training seminars to tribes for over sixteen years and are personable, knowledgeable experts with an awareness and familiarity with the needs and concerns of Indian Country.  We provide top quality, well researched and professionally produced materials and the desired expertise in many topics.

Sample topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Grant and Contract Program Management
  • Proposal Writing and Fund Raising
  • Procurement and Construction Contracting
  • Indian Law and Tribal Government
  • Clerical Skills Development

Procedures for implementing on-site training:
Typically on-site training sessions cost approximately one-half to one-third of what it would cost to send the same number of people to a public session.  The on-site session allows you to work with a tentative outline and add or delete materials to tailor the topic to your desires. Also, we now offer on-site customers a 5% discount if the on-site fee is paid and received at our office prior to the first day of the on-site seminar.

To arrange for an on-site presentation, contact:

Bill Helmich Associates
P.O. Box 789
Sandia Park, NM   87047
505-281-0790 (fax)
[email protected]