2020 1st Quarter Calendar

Parliamentary Procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order  Jan 30-31  Albuquerque, NM        
Leadership and Management Skills Development Feb 3-5 Albuquerque, NM        
Indirect Costs Strategies and the New Super Circular Feb 6-7 Albuquerque, NM        
Background Investigations: Required Tribal Personnel Hiring Policies Feb 11-12  Albuquerque, NM        
Drug and Alcohol Testing and Management Feb 13-14  Albuquerque, NM        
HR Management Basics and the New Super Circular Feb 17-19  Albuquerque, NM        
Ethics, Conflicts of Interest and Standards of Conduct for Councils, Boards and Tribal Staff Feb 20-21 Albuquerque, NM        
Supervision and Management Skills Development for Tribal Staff Feb 25-27 Albuquerque, NM        
OMB Circulars: New Uniform Guidelines Feb 25-27  Albuquerque, NM        
Cost Standards for Federal Programs Under the New Super Circular Mar 2-3  Albuquerque, NM        
Basic Budgeting for Tribes Mar 4-5  Albuquerque, NM        
Grants Management and Financial Accountability Under the New OMB Super Circular  Mar 11-13  Albuquerque, NM        
Purchasing Fundamentals (Under the New OMB Requirements) Mar 16-17  Denver, CO        
Contracting for Construction under ‘638 and the OMB Super Circular Mar 18-20  Denver, CO        
Property Management and the New OMB Circular Mar 24-25  Albuquerque, NM        
Managing the Front Desk – The Role of the Tribal Receptionist Mar 26-27  Albuquerque, NM